Saatchi Yates

Kevin Pinsembert

Born 1989, Paris, France

Born in 1989 in Paris, Kevin Pinsembert is part of a French art collective titled “Modern Jazz”, alongside artists Jin Angdoo, Hams Klemens, and Mathieu Julien, based between Paris and Marseille. Pinsembert’s works start as Morandi-esque crude still lives, or sketches from compositions of Paris street scenes. He pairs unlikely groups; Toyota cars, rocks, roofs and colours and brings them together as abstracted forms on his canvasses. In addition, these lifeless elements have also turned into anonymous and unrecognisable objects. Sometimes they are stacked on top of each other, sometimes they seem to be lying around on tables or shelves, have collapsed or become colourful non-shapes. These absurd compositions are then given formal labels painted back to front, Kevin Pinsembert takes language and steals it for himself by subverting it for his own use.

Pinsembert currently lives and works in Paris.

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