Saatchi Yates

Danny Fox

Born in 1986, St.Ives, Cornwall

Danny Fox was born in St Ives, Cornwall, a coastal county in South West England. Fox’s rhythmic canvases vividly display unlikely heroes of the 21st century. His subjects never shy from tragedy, promise, heat, violence and sex. Entangled amongst all these elements is a lyrical, yet fragmented vision. His works incorporate local buildings, bars, inhabitants, and folklore, conjuring wild and wonderful scene’s of coastal Britain, in a lucid story telling fashion. The conscious influence and in depth knowledge of St Ives life is ever present. Danny Fox has lived and worked in both UK, and LA (2016-2020), and currently lives and works in Cornwall. Fox's work will appear in a forthcoming exhibition in MORE Museum in the Netherlands. Danny Fox's work is also on display in the permanent collections of Start Museum, Shanghai, China Denver Museum, Denver, USA & Yuz Foundation, Shanghai, China.

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