Saatchi Yates

Moderne Jazz Collective

"Moderne Jazz Collective" is an art collective bridging Paris and Marseille, comprised of four artists: Jin Angdoo, Mathieu Julien, Hams Klemens, and Kevin Pinsembert. The artists create large-scale paintings that echo and question notions of French culture and its artistic traditions. The four artists began as a street art collective where they created large murals on walls, bridges, and construction sites. Their group exhibition at Saatchi Yates, London, in 2021, titled 'Allez La France!' was a continuation of their street art but exhibited formally on white walls.

Jin Angdoo, born in Bordeaux in 1982, is known for her powerful, large-scale canvases featuring bold abstract iconography. Her works, adorned with floating forms like polka dots, dragonfly crosses, and floral insignia, serve as striking flags symbolizing something greater than their individual components.

Mathieu Julien, hailing from Bordeaux, is an artist who liberates himself from academic art traditions. His works are a testament to his improvisations on color theory, where disobedient colors form crooked shapes and compete on the canvas, creating areas of tension and calm. His art is a vibrant mosaic celebrating the act of painting.

Hams Klemens, inspired by the children of the Marseille Projects, paints large abstract canvases in an underground tunnel using discarded household paint cans and handmade brushes. His work exudes a childlike playfulness within the realm of abstract expressionism, resembling hallucinatory landscapes in a techno club.

Kevin Pinsembert, born in Paris in 1989, transforms everyday objects into abstract forms on canvas. His compositions, inspired by Morandi-esque still lifes and Parisian scenes, subvert traditional art language. Objects stack, collapse, and merge into colorful non-shapes, defying recognition and convention, all while being labeled in a playful reversal of language.

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