Saatchi Yates

Sujin Lee

Born in 1990, Jeju Island, Korea

Sujin Lee was born in Jeju Island, Korea, famous for its rich landscapes, and has since moved to Seoul, a contrasting metropolitan hub of Korea where she currently lives and works. Lee's works are heavily inspired by Lee’s close circle of friends. She asks, “what are these girls? Is this me? Or is this just a painting?”, and in doing so asks us to consider her subjects as symbols of friendship, our own relationships with ourselves and others, and also intimate parts of the artists herself. Lee also takes great inspiration from the tranquilizing presence of nature in her hometown Jeju Island, and her works reflecting this often include backdrops of city scapes with thick leafy plants surrounding groups of female figures. Lee’s works are a true celebration of female friendship, sisterhood, and all that lies in-between. This show will be the largest exposition of Sujin Lee’s works to date.

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