Saatchi Yates

Kottie Paloma

31 March - 22 May 2022

This spring, Saatchi Yates are pleased to present a solo exhibition of paintings by American artist Kottie Paloma. Having lived and worked for several years in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Berlin, Paloma currently lives in Alzenau, Germany with his wife and two young children. Paloma's paintings explore the darker side of society in a humorous yet poignant and gritty manner. Heavily inspired by cave paintings and other archetypal symbols, Paloma creates works which look to act as fossils of contemporary life tackling subjects such as politics and human behaviour, to unpick the failings of modern society. The exhibition will see Paloma’s work through muddied colour reduction techniques, recalling the rawness of the earth, and the same primitiveness of the cave paintings that inspire him. Offering an unbridled view on people, cities, carvings, the artist calls us home, translating different realms as unique symbols within his abstract works.

About Kottie Paloma (b.1974, Los Angeles, California) Selected most recent solo shows include: (2021) Ominus, Slow, Burn, Andrea Festa Fine Art, Rome, New Front Teeth, Ruttkowski;68, Cologne. (2020) Dante, Night Gallery, Los Angeles, and (2020) Killing Time like a Stray Dog, Gallery C.O.A, Montreal. Selected most recent group shows include: (2021) Saatchi Yates in Turin, Saatchi Yates, Turin, Mixed Pickles 10, Ruttkowski;68, Cologne.