Saatchi Yates

Angela Santana

Born in 1986, Zurich, Switzerland

Angela Santana (b.1986) is a Swiss born artist, currently living and working in New York. Taking inspiration from New York female painting predecessors; Cecily Brown, Joan Semmel, Dana Schutz, and Georgia O’Keeffee, Angela Santana’s series reconstruct the depiction, and perception, of the classical trope that is the female nude. The series brings together a mass of intimate images of the female body, that work to interrogate the subjugation of the male gaze: powerfully reconfiguring her subjects into protected, and reimagined figures. Santana explores the intersection between, the fast-paced consumption of the online world, and women’s representation. Santana’s technique in this series, disrupts classical approaches to oil paint through her process of layering, and radically reconstructing digitally composed artworks, before painting them. Her works reimagine how we might present, witness, and digest, artworks depicting the female body rejecting a classical and male dominated lens.

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