Saatchi Yates

Kevin Pinsembert with Georges Braque at Château Saint-Maur

13th July - 28th August 2022

Saatchi Yates is pleased to present a new exhibition of Kevin Pinsembert and Georges Braque at Château Saint Maur, Cogolin, opening 13th July. Set in the breathtaking countryside overlooking the Gulf of St Tropez and just a few miles from the coast, Château Saint Maur's is an historical 19th-century mansion at the centre of a 100-hectare vineyard. The location inspired Pinsembert to explore a new direction for his work, shifting his focus from the rushed, chaotic streets of Paris to the more intimate interiors of Provence, and creating a link between the visitor and the peaceful surrounding views.

Kevin Pinsembert was born in Paris in 1989, and formed his practice by working on 'social off-spaces, parallel spaces as opposed to the institutionalised art world'. His works are inspired by industrial and urban architecture, and navigate the tension between recognisable everyday images and a surreal sense of abstraction. His first works on canvas were shown as part of Allez La France at Saatchi Yates, London, in 2021.

Georges Braque was born in Argenteuil, France in 1882, Among the founders of Cubism and creator of the papier collé technique, Georges Braque is one of France’s most important icons of the early 20th century. Known for his alliance with Fauvism from 1905 with the likes of Henri Matisse, Georges Braque was deeply influenced by the bold use of colours used as vehicles of emotions. In 1907, Georges Braque met the young Pablo Picasso, marking the beginning of a lifelong friendship and artistic collaboration that was to give birth to the most radically revolutionary artist movement of the 20th century, cubism.